Christoph Jung, Psychologist M.Sc. 
Independent Researcher and Author 


Our Model of the "Active Social Domestication of Dog"

Benítez-Burraco, A.; Pörtl, D.; Jung, C. A Feedback Loop Between Human Self-Domestication and Dog Domestication Contributing to Language Evolution?. Preprints 2020, 2020030238 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202003.0238.v1). Download
* Department of Spanish Language, Linguistics and Literary Theory (Linguistics), Faculty of Philology, University of Seville, Seville, Spain

Pörtl D, Jung C. Physiological pathways to rapid prosocial evolution - highlighting the role of epigenetics & retrosposons in dog domesticationBiologia Futura Vol 70, Issue 2 (publ. 30.07.2019; open access; Editor-in-Chief: Adam Miklosi), Springer Nature Share ID Link

Editor's Commentary:
"At present, Biologia Futura offers the chance to read about a provocative new theory, called “active social domestication"(Pörtl & Jung, 2019), wherein, the social environment induced neurophysiological changes in the foundation stock of hypothetical dog ancestors, which would cause an epigenetic cascade effect that led to a relatively rapid unfolding of the so-called domestication syndrome (Meaney & Szyf, 2005; Trut et al., 2009). As with any markedly new theory, heated scientific discussions will likely follow, we also have to add that “active social domestication”provides an option for a new genre of empirical tests to unfold.
(The future of biology from a canine perspective by Péter Pongrácz)

Canine Science Conference 2019, 18-20 Oct 2019, Arizona Science Center, Phoenix, AZ (USA):
Talk "How old are Dog Breeds?" 

Interview in Psychology Today with Marc Bekoff, Daniela Pörtl and Christoph Jung about: "Dumping the Dog Domestication Dump Theory Once and For All"

Jung C, Pörtl D. How old are (Pet) Dog Breeds? Pet Behaviour Science No 7 2019 pp. 29-37

Podium Talk at ISAZ 2019 : "Perception of Dogs in the public eye: Breeds - artifical phenomenon or integral part of human evolution" July 1-4 in Orlando (FL/USA) (International Society for Anthrozoology)





  • Masters at the Universities of Bonn and Regensburg (Department of Psychology) Germany, Studies in Psychology (MSc), Biology (BSc), and Philosophy at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn (Departments of Psychology and Biology), Advisor Professor Dr. Reinhold Bergler, one of the Founders of Human Animal Sciences (HAS and AAT) in Germany; Degree as "Diplom-Psychologe" (MSc)

  • Engaged in Animal Welfare especially concerning dog breeding (e.g.: "Dortmund Appeal for a turn in breeding for dogs' benefit"; Petwatch; Expert at the German Bundestag (Parliament) in Berlin /animal welfare law; Podium at the 6th Leipzig Vetenary Congress; former Expert at the Verband fuer das Deutsche Hundewesen/German Kennel Club)

  • I'm working as a lecturer in AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) and as an editor for the German dog magazine HundeWelt

  • I'm engaged as an independent researcher and author - since my youth I'm thrilled to find out everything about dogs and human - dog relationship